I’m delighted to welcome you to this milestone of Episode 350, which means we have built a comprehensive library of expert interviews and resources. I invite you to explore our website for more! Today’s guest shares why coaching ethics is a focus of her work and is essentially the backbone of our profession. Join us to learn more!

Cecilia Engquist, MSc, PCC, is a certified leadership and executive coach, coaching instructor, and coach mentor. She is a past president of ICF Houston and the co-founder of the All-TX Retreat and Conference who has served on the ICF Global Independent Review Board (IRB) since 2020. Cecilia’s work with leaders involves providing leadership development solutions through Envision Global Leadership and coaching through her company, Engquist Coaching. She partners with leaders to create paths to achieve strength-based goals while examining and navigating barriers. Her true expertise is manifested in the way she skillfully engages a holistic body-mind approach to helping clients access their full wisdom and creativity. She uses research-based, tailored, innovative coaching techniques and often brings lessons learned through her experience as an elite international equestrian athlete and ultra-marathon runner into her working relationships. A special area of interest for Cecilia is the rise of AI and how it can be used beneficially in the coaching sphere. 

Show Highlights:

  • Why Cecilia became interested in the topic of coaching ethics
  • The differing opinions about coaching being independent vs. being regulated–and why a code of ethics is so valuable
  • The purpose of the ICF Independent Review Board and how they handle complaints and investigations
  • Why the ethics review process is meant to be an educational process rather than a punitive one
  • How some coaching ethics standards are more likely to be infringed upon, like boundaries, confidentiality, and contracts
  • How our Western lens limits our views on what are global ethics concepts
  • How the ethics complaint process is completed and carried out by the IRB


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The Ethics tab found on the front page of the ICF website contains a wealth of goodies such as:

  • The Code of Ethics (Values, definitions, and the 28 standards from 2019)
  • Insights and Considerations for Ethics (ways to view the 28 standards in order to gain more insight into what they mean)
  • Ethics Community of Practice
  • Ethics Assist Line
  • Information of the Ethics Conduct Review process and the IRB (Independent Review Board)
  • Annual Ethical Conduct and Compliance Report
  • Ethics Research Portal

ICF Converge – 2 different sessions on August 24:

The IRB Chair Carrie Doubts presents together with IRB member Jürgen Bache, and the session will also be livestreamed. The topic is: Ethics in Coaching: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You or Your Clients

The IRB Vice Chair of Development Joao Pasqual presents with IRB member José Estrada and ICF member Silvina Spiegel on A Latin American Perspective on Cultural Complexities: What You Don’t Get

Additional Resources


Ethical Maturity in the Helping Professions: Making Difficult Life and Work Decisions

by Michael Carroll and Elisabeth Shaw

The Ethical Coaches’ Handbook: A Guide to Developing Ethical Maturity in Practice (English Edition)

by Wendy Ann Smith, Jonathan Passmore, Eve Turner, Yi-Ling Lai, and David Clutterbuck

Values and Ethics in Coaching

by Ioanna Iordanou, Rachel Hawley, and Christiana Iordanou

Law and Ethics in Coaching: How to Solve – And Avoid – Difficult Problems in your Practice

by Patrick Williams and Sharon K. Anderson

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