Are you stuck in your coaching career? We are challenging you today to get out of the box! Life is full of change and evolution, both for our clients and ourselves, and we cannot let ourselves get too comfortable and be limited by our self-imposed boundaries. It’s time to live in your authentic fullness with energy, freedom, and joy! If you need help blowing up the rules and climbing out of your rut, join us for this episode!
Lynn Young, PCC, is a Co-Active Coach, motivational speaker, founding Mama of the Badass Sagers, and the author of the Amazon bestselling book, Red Hot Living. She believes that life is juicier when we are playing, taking risks, and serving the common good. Lynn is a global citizen and ambassador for joy who colors outside the lines and knows that life is truly a gift. She holds a MA from the University of Colorado, is an International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach, and was formerly a coach with the Center for Creative Leadership. She lives in Colorado and adores color, sunshine, her amazing family, and savoring dark chocolate.

Show Highlights:

  • How Lynn went down the path of “full-permission” living with strong energy and freedom
  • Why being a professional does NOT require you to tamp down yourself and be less than your genuine, full self
  • How Lynn’s business has been impacted by her willingness to “love what she loves” and bring that into service in the world
  • Why there is great joy and energy in leaping into the unknown
  • How Lynn took risks and launched the Badass Sagers program for women and wrote her book, Red Hot Living
  • Why Lynn likes to live on the “edges” of life and ways of thinking
  • How we can grow and shift through new stages in life with curiosity and confident risk-taking
  • The value of finding support and investing in partnerships that help you move forward
  • Parting words from Lynn: “Get up and play—and see what happens. Invite that thing to join you that you’ve always loved.”


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