I love it when episode topics pop up organically in the STaR Coach Community. A community member recently faced the challenge of creating a proposal for an organization around assessments and coaching. In guiding her through the proposal process, I knew this would be a topic of interest and a great benefit to other coaches. 

In this episode, you will learn the key elements to consider when creating a proposal, along with strategies that are applicable to individual and team coaching. This episode is packed with practical information to help you learn the best strategies for responding to an RFP (request for proposal). Join us to learn more!

Click this link and download a Sample Proposal


Show Highlights:

  • How to start a proposal from a place of curiosity about the desired coaching outcomes
  • Why alignment meetings are crucial for coaching success
  • Example scenario #1: You are contacted by a leader in HR about coaching a senior-level leader: What’s next in crafting your customized proposal?
  • How to craft bullet points in your proposal with “their language” to address the desired outcomes
  • How to formulate your proposed approach, including assessments
  • How to include pricing, session/engagement info, and availability in your proposal
  • Example scenario #2: You are contacted by an organization to do facilitation training or a group program: What’s next in your proposal to build a culture of collaboration, teamwork, and improve communication?
  • How to decide on appropriate assessments and team-building training/exercises (Members of the STaR Coach Community gain access to templates for client forms and proposals, and every listener can access the free download of my proposal template!)


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