Tapping into the genius zone of your work creates a flow into your purpose and allows you to offer your work unapologetically and confidently. If you need a push to tap into your genius zone more fully, today’s show is just the one for you. Join us to learn more!

Ruth Klein is a Brand Visibility Strategist, a Master Book Coach, and the CEO of Expert Celebrity Branding. This author of seven bestselling books works with high-achieving entrepreneurs, coaches, sales professionals, and company founders to help them reach bold goals. Her focus is for her clients to expand into bigger possibilities, higher income, and unimaginable impact. Throughout her successful career spanning over 30 years, she has helped her clients create a 360-degree brand and convert their expertise and content into books, speeches, high-ticket programs, expansive incomes, and bold results. In today’s interview, Ruth brings her high energy level forward to offer listeners clarity and inspiration to step into their genius zone.

Show Highlights:

  • Ruth’s story of finding her genius zone and writing her book, Generation Why Not?
  • How to pinpoint your genius zone, beginning with identifying what you enjoyed the most when you were young
  • How to navigate the gap between you and your profitability
  • How working in our genius zone honors the gifts and talents we were given and shares our value
  • Why your zone of genius is your North Star
  • How Ruth helps people showcase their genius zone with visibility, credibility, and marketability
  • Why writing a book, posting blogs, and using social media platforms helps showcase your credibility and visibility
  • Why your marketability depends on your clarity about who your ideal client is
  • How blinders limit our thoughts, beliefs, and decisions
  • Takeaways from Ruth about being open to possibilities and miracles and the value of a journaling practice


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