What are you doing to keep your coaching skills strong? How are you bringing your impact into the world? Today’s show is packed with new tools and techniques in our informative conversation around better communication and ways to honor the growth and development of others while leaning into partnership. Join us to learn more!

Dr. Alis Anagnostakis, PCC, is an adult development researcher, group facilitator, executive coach, and founder of the Vertical Development Institute. For over 15 years, she has been supporting the development of leaders toward the later stages of psychological complexity and maturity. Alis is an experienced coach educator and mentor, having accompanied hundreds of coaches on their path to credentialing. She has a master’s degree in Positive Leadership and Strategy and a Ph.D. in Vertical Development. Alis aims to blend adult development research and coaching practice to create innovative coaching techniques and more effective learning interventions for future leaders. You’ll be inspired by Alis and her expertise.

Show Highlights:

  • What is vertical development?
  • How vertical development applies to the world of coaching
  • What vertical development offers as tools and a conceptual framework for coaches to use
  • A description of the stages of development: diplomat, expert, and achiever
  • How to help a client’s meaning-making awareness
  • How a “disorienting dilemma” (stuckness) brings vertical growth
  • Why a coach should let their framework inform their curiosity
  • An overview of Alis’s Ph.D. work about vertical development and transformative learning experiences
  • How the stages of vertical development have multiple lines of development
  • Why opportunities for cross-pollination are an important element of coaching
  • Why a coach needs to lean into developmental discomfort, self-reflection, and self-honesty for themselves


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