What would make 2024 a stellar year for you? As we enter the fall season, it’s the perfect time to assess your 2023 goals and look ahead to new accomplishments in a very successful 2024. If improving your marketing skills would help make 2024 a banner year for your business, today’s show is for you. My guest loves marketing, and she’s here to elevate our marketing process around understanding our client’s emotions. You’ll learn five strategies to be a better marketer and grow your business. Join us to learn more!

Chantal Cornelius started Appletree Marketing in 2000 and has helped hundreds of coaches, consultants, and speakers grow their businesses. She is the author of two books about growing successful businesses through marketing, and she is hard at work on a third book. Away from work, Chantal enjoys riding her horses, walking her dog, and working in her garden.

Show Highlights:

  • The key to marketing: Find out what emotions your client wants to feel when they work with you.
  • Five strategies for coaches to use in marketing:
    • Certainty–Your client is looking for a safe place, a sure set of hands, and someone who is with them on their journey.
    • Connection–Your client is looking for a tribe and a sense of family and wants to connect with the right people.
    • Contribution–Your client is looking to be a part of something bigger in the world.
    • Growth–Your client is looking to grow, either personally or in business, with clarity, development, and empowerment.
    • Significance–Your client is looking to stand out, speak up, and make more of an impact in the world. 
  • How coaches can identify their main strategy and a secondary one
  • How to look for keywords in a client’s language that tell you what they are looking for (Take Chantal’s test and get her report and tips on your key marketing strategy!)
  • Why knowing your key strategy will help you attract clients who are the best match
  • How Chantal helps her clients pinpoint their strategy and simplify their marketing
  • Key takeaway from Chantal: “In coaching, it’s not about us and how we feel; it’s about the client and how we make them feel.”


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