This BONUS episode is Part 1 of a special business-building series for coaches: The Why, What, and How of Being a Wildly Successful Coach. In today’s show, you’ll learn why an online presence is critical to your coaching business. My guest explains what you need to be doing as a coach, what you need to stop doing, and the things that are a complete waste of your time. Join us for this opening session of our series and come back for next week’s Part 2. We wrap up the three-part series with a live webinar on September 29 at noon (central time). Don’t miss it!

Sue Schöning is a coach with over 30,000 hours of individual and group client hours. Her work is exclusively online and connects her with global clients, including business executives, sports stars, media personalities, and other coaches. Drawing on her business and professional experience, Sue works across a broad range of different life circumstances, coming into her coaching career after transitioning from a nursing career. In 2013, she partnered with her husband, Franz, to create Coach Automator, an online marketing and business automation management platform aimed specifically at the coaching, wellness, and healing industry. Coach Automator is the perfect blend of Sue’s many years in business and marketing and her vast experience in the coaching and healing arena.

Show Highlights:

  • How COVID changed the face of the online world and opened a new world of opportunities
  • What to do:
    • Identify your target audience and be where they are. Ask, “Who is my niche audience, where are they, and what do they need to know?”
    • Identify keywords associated with your chosen niche and your client’s pain points. 
    • Have a simple, effective website and social media presence. Think of social media as free opportunities to connect with clients, provide value, and build relationships.
    • Use email marketing to build your database. Newsletters and lead magnets can get target clients into your ecosystem.
  • What not to do:
    • Don’t ever build your business on a platform that someone else controls.
    • Don’t watch what everyone else is doing.
    • Don’t expect immediate reactions.
    • Don’t neglect your offline activities.
  • Why it is a waste of your time to go after every “shiny penny” out there
  • Sue’s takeaways: Remember ACT (Audience, Connection, and Traction)


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