What lies just outside your client’s Comfort Zone? Is it a dream that feels just out of reach? Do you have a vision for your life and your coaching practice, but seem to be unable to stick with the hard work of getting it all done? Then this week’s guest on the “Star Coach” podcast is for you!

Caroline Adams Miller is a coach, writer, and speaker with a lot of Grit. What is “Grit,” and how can this rather elusive concept help you accomplish any goal? Where is the evidence for Grit, and how can we apply that to our coaching practice? This week’s episode will answer all of these questions, and will leave you energized and ready to tackle any challenge!

Also in this episode:

  • Caroline discusses what it means to develop the quality of “grit,” and how her definition differs a bit from what comes from strictly research.
  • How evidence-based positive psychology is an important practice for coaches.
  • Goal-Setting Theory and the scientific evidence for goal-setting can influence and give substance to your coaching practice.
  • How evidence increases the validity of what coaches can do.
  • Caroline shares how she clarifies client goals using research and evidence.
  • Dispelling the myth between success and grit.
  • The ability to focus and have the passion for the goals you are setting.
  • What is the Grit Scale, and how can you get your Grit Score?
  • How can we actually apply the research toward our coaching practice?
  • The power of hope as an ingredient of Grit.

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