Today’s show will help your business-building perspective as we dive deep into marketing. My guest will move the dial for you whether you are building a coaching business or using your entrepreneurial skills in other ways. You’ll learn valuable information about building your marketing team to spur the future growth of your business. Join us!

Nikki Nash is a master marketer who is known for crafting mind-blowing strategies, assembling kick-butt marketing teams, and freeing visionary CEOs from the marketing grind. Her previous work was in helping Fortune 500 companies and tech startups create more money. Now, she spends her time helping business owners meet their goals and reach their dreams. She hosts the podcast, Market Your Genius, and has written a book by the same name. You’ll learn what to consider in building and hiring a rockstar marketing team as you hear Nikki’s innovative approach to filling your programs with dream clients.

Show Highlights:

  • What it means to have a rock star marketing team
  • Why YOU (the business owner) are the marketing conductor until you can hire one
  • How marketing ties into the goal and vision of your company in the next 1-3 years
  • How to get clear about the role marketing should play
  • How to develop a crystal-clear vision for your business
  • How to lead from a sense of accountability and vision alignment with the destination goal in mind
  • What to consider in hiring and building your team
  • Practical tips from Nikki about adding people to your team


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Connect with Nikki Nash

Connect with Nikki Nash: Website, Market Your Genius book, and Market Your Genius podcast