As 2023 winds down, many people are dealing with much more than shopping and planning holiday celebrations. The struggles with depression, anxiety, and loneliness intensify during this time, and these struggles are a real obstacle for many people. The US Surgeon General recently spoke about a study on the loneliness epidemic here in the US and how this pressing issue affects millions of people across the globe. The study revealed that 33% of the world’s population is lonely! 

How can the coaching partnership help turn the tides on loneliness? Let’s talk about what loneliness looks like and how we, as coaches, can use our conversations and relationships to bring awareness and help counter this epidemic. Join us!

Show Highlights:

  • Factors that have led to an increase in the patterns of loneliness: the COVID-19 pandemic, modern technology, loss of connection and human interactions, rushed lifestyles, remote work, conveniences, etc.
  • Why Dr. Vivek Murthy, the US Surgeon General, recently spoke of loneliness as “so much more than a bad feeling”
  • The costs of loneliness as a public health issue 
  • How loneliness might affect the coach/client relationship
  • How a coach can detect loneliness in a client, normalize it, and increase connection opportunities
  • The facts: People crave connection and are wired for community; everyone wants to be seen and heard.
  • What coaches and leaders can do to help connect others and be the bridge to change the loneliness gap


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