There is much buzz circulating around the topic of artificial intelligence, and if we want to stay relevant in today’s world, we cannot overlook its value as it relates to our coaching profession. Can we use AI ethically as an asset to build our business? I say emphatically, YES! AI is a valuable tool that can help streamline our operations, enhance customer service, and provide helpful data to drive decisions about product development and offerings.

In this episode, we will explore how we can start small with specific AI strategies to create a big bang in our businesses in concrete ways. In engaging with AI tools, we have to break the blocks we have around trying something new and take steps forward that may pull us out of our comfort zone. Another key issue with using AI tools is that we must remain ethical and responsible as AI tools develop and evolve in the future/; AI-generated content still needs to be in our words and carry our voice. Join me for this interesting look at how AI tools might be just the boost your business needs in 2024!

Show Highlights:

  • What is AI?
  • How I’m finding AI tools to be helpful in facing “blank paper syndrome”
  • How AI can help enhance your social media presence to connect with your ideal audience (Meet Edgar makes it easy!)
  • How AI can help create compelling giveaways that resonate with your audience and bring them into your circle
  • How AI can be customized to your perspective, your audience, your beliefs, etc.
  • Why we need to put AI-generated content in our own words to reflect our voice
  • How using AI tools as a coach is very much like the reflection we do regularly with our clients
  • How AI can help identify hot topics and trends that are important to your audience
  • How AI can be used to craft dynamic proposals
  • Where to start in using AI tools if you are a newbie
  • My top ethical considerations in using AI tools to share MY information
  • My challenge to you: “Start to play with AI tools and have fun exploring what they can do for you!”


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Explore the STaR Coach Community and see what’s available there for you!

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