What habits and routines are you creating that will bring you the success you want in your life? How can you partner with others to help them do the same? The steps we take each day collectively add up to make a huge difference; don’t we want those steps to move us forward to more success? Join us to learn more in this episode!

Ben Kirk is a highly sought-after productivity and high-performance expert known for his direct approach to helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals. His mantra is, “Do Better, Be Better, Win the Day,” which encapsulates his self-discipline, consistency, and accountability philosophy. He uses an innovative, custom-built, world-class digital platform that allows his clients to easily track their progress and see tangible results. His methods are designed to help his clients implement incremental changes that grow their success exponentially. Ben firmly believes that small changes create a major impact. His clients know him as their “Productivity PT,” and his accountability niche is tailored to the busy professional. He offers efficient, weekly 15-minute sessions that focus on the performance of the previous week, identify obstacles, and outline high-value tasks for the week ahead. All of this is tied to his clients’ quarterly and yearly goals, which were created using his proven method and digital platform. His work is not just about improving productivity, but it’s transforming lives.

Show Highlights:

  • Where to begin to help an overwhelmed person set goals and form good habits
  • How to implement an immediate action drill, or brain dump, by using the Eisenhower Matrix
  • Questions to ask a client who isn’t reaching their goals that will identify the habits they want to establish
  • How to be realistic in setting goals and establishing new habits and routines
  • How Ben helps his clients get clear about the goals that will help them move forward (his Goal-Setting Challenge)
  • How to identify daily activities (little steps taken with consistency) that can propel us forward
  • Why a weekly review process is one of the biggest success habits to put in place
  • What it was like for Ben to develop an app
  • Ben’s takeaways: “Start at the 30,000-foot level in looking at your goals and break them down into quarterly/monthly/weekly goals and daily tasks.”


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