No matter what work we do and what passions we pursue in life, we must manage our time, energy, and confidence to be successful. For coaches and others in the helping professions, these management skills are important to us AND our clients. We can help others reach their goals by empowering them to examine how they engage with their time, energy, and confidence. Join us to learn more from today’s inspiring guest!

April Roberts is a coach who helps Gen X women achieve more abundance, love, spirituality, and alignment in connecting with their femininity. She’s a high-achieving former attorney and financial advisor who discovered her genuine desire and enthusiasm to help people think differently about the way they engage with their choices and intentions in life. April hosts The Vixen Voice podcast, where she shares stories of Gen X women who have shed the traditional definition of success to pursue their life’s true passion. Along with much wisdom and inspiration, April shares specific strategies to apply in time management, identifying energy drainers in your life, and finding what truly lights you up.

Show Highlights:

  • Why knowing yourself and how you operate is the key to understanding your actions and reactions
  • What April learned about herself and how she best operates for success in time management
  • How to show up as your best self–even for the energy-draining activities in your life
  • How to fill up your energy tank by managing time, energy, and confidence with a color-coded calendar
  • April’s tips for managing your color-coded calendar:
    • Use 3-5 colors maximum (Don’t overdo it!)
    • Review your calendar monthly.
    • Use time blocking.
    • Sandwich an undesirable activity between two things you enjoy.
    • Reflect weekly and evaluate what makes a day flow for you—and listen to the wisdom of your emotions.
  • How a morning routine can clear out mental and energetic clutter and set the stage for peace and calm each day
  • How to understand your best self vs. your shadow self
  • Why Zoom and video conferencing burn us out with overstimulation
  • Why strategic breaks are necessary for rest and reset during the day
  • How to set intentions about how we want to show up and set graceful boundaries
  • How to look for wins and positives each day
  • How April’s “Six Minutes to Change Your Life” exercise is a simple hack to improve your life!


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