Welcome! We are wrapping up the month of February with an encouraging show and another inspiring guest. You’ll be challenged to think about the choices you make in life and how you can be more proactive than reactive, especially when life hands us difficulties. Whatever your role and however you show up in your life, you don’t want to miss this dose of practical wisdom. Join us!

Gerald Leonard is an author, CEO, and jazz musician. He brings all of these roles and skills into his presentations, writing, and work. In today’s show, he shares his journey of overcoming a crippling illness to create his own success story. He teaches us a new perspective on life through his analogy of being caught in the traffic of life or moving into the HOV lane to adopt a different mindset and create a better result. He’s written A Symphony of Choices (A Business Parable), Culture is the Bass, and Workplace Jazz

Show Highlights:

  • Why mindfulness, productivity, and goal achievement are not as much WHAT you do as WHO you are
  • Highlights of Gerald’s background: music, ministry, IT work, and a crippling illness right before his TEDx talk
  • How Gerald made mindset shifts and learned new concepts to face his biggest challenge in life–and turn his mess into his message
  • Specific choices Gerald made to “get better, not bitter” 
  • How Gerald discovered one simple daily practice that rewired and reprogrammed his brain
  • What it means to live life in the HOV lane instead of being “stuck in stressful traffic”
  • How to narrow your focus on success instead of drifting along with the waves of life
  • Gerald’s takeaways: “Identify your #1 goal and the #1 person who is good at that. Buy their book, read their material, listen to their programs, and learn all that you can from them. Pursue them. You never know what might happen. Take one step at a time.”


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