Do you have your Coach Credential coming up for renewal shortly? Are you a little panicked at the thought of that? If so, today’s show will really help you, as Meg will be explaining about managing your credential, particularly when it comes to renewing it. She’s been getting an increasing number of inquiries about this, over the last few weeks and this is something that tends to happen around June of each year, as the renewals happen in December. Listen in as Meg spends some time doing an overview of managing your credential and realizing the steps you need to take, to stay up on keeping it fresh and being prepared for renewal when it comes up for you.

Today, Meg will look at the elements that go into your re-credential requirements and she will also discuss ways that you can manage your credential, whether yours will expire in six months, eighteen months, or three years. Listen in now, as Meg talks about how you can manage the process, to bring you the best benefit and to stay on top of it and she also gives you some tips on how to maintain your credential on an ongoing basis, so that it goes really smoothly when you need to renew it. Meg points out that today, she will only be dealing with the process of renewing credentials at their current level.

For those of you that are credentialed Coaches through the International Coach Federation, the largest Coaching Association to advance the field of coaching, if you have an ACC, PCC and MCC credential, it is important to remember that we have to maintain our credential on an ongoing basis.  The ICF requires you to renew your credential every three years. By renewing your credential, you are demonstrating a commitment to the professional standards of the coaching field- and to your own ongoing learning and development as a Coach. The ICF website, at includes detailed explanation of the requirements covered in this show.

Some of the main points are:

  • Looking at the commitment to ongoing learning and growth and that this is more of the norm than unusual, in many occupations.
  • That in the three years that the credential is valid, there is a requirement to participate in at least 40 hours of continuing coach education (CCE’s).
  • Of the 40 hours, at least 3 hours of the CCE’s must be in the area of coaching ethics. There’s a link to the Ethic CCE Course at and as a special service to all of you, the ICF Global and Ethics Community of Practice developed a complimentary training course, that gives you 3 Ethics CCE units.
  • The 40 hours are divided between Core Competency CCE and Resource Development CCE. So at least 24 of your 40 hours must be in Core Competency credits. These refer to Advanced Coach Training, writing or research that are directly related to the ICF Core Competencies.
  • There is a detailed table under ‘renew your credential’ on the ICF website, that describes the different sorts of training that qualify for Core Competency credits. The chart also has the many different ways that you can focus on your skill development and core competencies and gain those core competency credits, even if it’s not in a pre-approved ICF training.
  • Some key elements that you really need to be aware of with Core Competency credits.
  • The Ethics Course meets the ethics requirements and it also fits into the required 24 hours of Core Competencies credits.
  • When it becomes time for your certification renewal, you want to be certain that you’re supplying the correct documentation, as listed on the Coach Federation website.
  • What the Resource Development credits consists of.
  • If you’re renewing an ACC credential, you’ll have another requirement, as well as the 40 hours- 10 hours of Mentor Coaching with a credentialed ICF Coach and up to 7 of those hours could also be in a group coaching setting and at least 3 hours must be individual sessions.
  • The benefits to doing a structured Mentor Coaching Program. (You can go to the Resource Page on to check out Meg’s program.)
  • The best way to manage the process- through planning ahead.
  • How to take an inventory of what you’ve done over the past two and a half years, to find where you actually are, in the process.
  • The best practice for moving forward, from now, is scanning and keeping your documentation in a digital folder on your computer.
  • Creating a spreadsheet as a check-off sheet.
  • Looking for training that fits into your schedule, your interests, and your budget.
  • Using the Event Calendar, on the ICF website, to reduce the need for extensive documentation.
  • The ICF is having a Global Conference this August, in Washington DC that will offer lots of continuing coaching education. Well worth attending!
  • Core Competency Foundation Courses.
  • The ICF does allow one lapse year– what that means for you.
  • Remember that the best practice is to plan ahead and be prepare



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