Most coaches don’t set out to be coaches. A consistent background among many coaches is the move from some other kind of work where we have grown and developed as human beings before moving into the coaching world. The transition for many coaches involves moving from the corporate sector into entrepreneurship, a journey that has its various challenges and experiences. Whatever your coaching role now and wherever you aspire to go in the future, you’ll find today’s interview to be helpful and informative. Join us!

Susan Daniel is a devoted talent development professional who is committed to unlocking the potential of individuals, teams, and organizations. Her journey began at Walt Disney World Resort, setting the stage for a fulfilling career path. Specializing in leadership development, experiential learning, facilitation, and performance coaching, Susan has refined her skills across various roles. She excels in designing, managing, and coaching various leadership and team development programs, all aimed at enriching personal and organizational effectiveness. Away from her corporate achievements, Susan is an avid fitness enthusiast, engaging in activities like hiking, yoga, Pilates, and strength training. Her dedication to nutrition extends to preparing healthy, nourishing meals for friends and family, and her adventurous side shines through her extensive travels with her husband as they explore the great outdoors and seek new experiences. 

Show Highlights:

  • Two paths that might lead to external coaching as an entrepreneurial career
  • How we are myth-busting several common misconceptions around making a move into coaching 
  • The importance of networks and community in establishing support and continued growth
  • How this interview came about in an unusual way when Susan attended a conference where Meg was speaking
  • What Susan has noticed about the differences in being an internal vs. external coach around marketing and branding
  • Why feedback is just as important for an external coach–but it takes intention to get feedback
  • How you can set yourself up for success as an external coach while you are still coaching internally
  • How Susan found ways to pave the way for a smooth transition as she got her coaching certification
  • How Susan is finding ways to challenge herself to continue to grow and develop
  • How structure and systems can help you be more efficient and effective as an external coach 


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