How much attention are you paying to your brand? Whether you are an internal or external coach or a leader in any capacity, you have a personal brand. How can we build confidence and create clarity around our brand while staying in alignment with ourselves? My guest today has helpful tips to share! Join us to learn more about sustainable ways to approach personal brand development with authenticity and intention. 

Emma Donovan is the co-founder and brand strategist of Dapper, a brand studio focused on how the human experience shapes brand development. She is an established professional with 15+ years of experience in brand strategy, content writing, and entrepreneurship. At Dapper, she and her team focus on creating space for clients to gain clarity of purpose and confidence to own their authentic stories. Her ability to identify and seize an opportunity has played a significant role in her entrepreneurial journey, and Emma’s superpower lies in injecting enthusiasm, vibrancy, and playfulness into any situation. She excels in creating new products and collaborating with brilliant minds to connect the dots for clients. 

Show Highlights:

  • Your personal brand is not a logo, but it’s how you show up in the world.
  • Imposter syndrome is the first hurdle to overcome in brand building.
  • It’s okay (and preferred!) to be vulnerable, relatable, and authentic!
  • Embrace the winding path that gave you experience and expertise.
  • Steps to build your personal brand: curate your brand, share your story with joy, position yourself to attract the right clients, and stand out from the others.
  • In social media video posts, “natural and engaging is better than being perfect.”
  • Find your confidence in brand building through clarity of purpose.
  • Brand building is a process; give yourself grace and time to build momentum.
  • Emma’s advice about finding balance in being responsible and consistent in posting content while not overdoing it
  • Conversations build confidence; you can utilize LinkedIn Live, Zoom, Google Meets, etc.
  • Emma’s tips about writer’s block, accountability, and using LinkedIn


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