Do you need a jumpstart to help you get traction and make things happen? This is the show to inspire and motivate you. You can achieve far more than you ever thought possible! My expert guest helps us understand the difference between dreams and goals—and how to achieve them to the fullest. Join us to learn more!

Laura Seybold is the founder and president of Shine Consulting, an executive coaching and consulting firm focused on enabling individuals, teams, and organizations to reach their greatest potential. Laura understands the impact leaders have on employee engagement, retention, and organizational culture. She is passionate about teaching leadership and coaching leaders so they can have a more positive impact and influence on others. She hosts the Leadership Rediscovered podcast, where she interviews leaders from different industries and walks of life to share lessons learned along the leadership journey. In today’s show, we dive deep into goals and how we move from wishing and dreaming to making them happen. 

Show Highlights:

  • Laura’s journey into entrepreneurship, creativity, and her leadership philosophy: “You can’t lead others if you don’t know how to lead yourself.”
  • The difference between dreams (the blueprint) and goals (the construction team)
  • Laura’s B-STAR framework for goal-setting success: Believable, Specific, Time-bound, Accountable, and Rewarding
  • Creating coaching programs that fit clients’ needs–and how Laura developed “Finish It!”
  • Laura’s passion for moms who put their dreams on hold to serve others in their lives
  • Laura’s learnings as she developed her virtual program, retreats, masterclasses, and one-on-one coaching offerings


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