Are you bringing your CEO mindset to your business? What does that look like for you? Today’s show will move the needle for you, whether you are a coach or any other small business owner, and you’ll learn more about wearing your chief executive officer hat correctly!

Deirdre Harter and Carmen Reed-Gilkison are business strategists and the co-founders of Encore Empire, the place where women who believe that entrepreneurship is the most exhilarating and satisfying way to reach financial security and freedom translate their experiences into impact and income while making a difference in the world. In founding Encore Empire, Deirdre and Carmen bring together their backgrounds in business with the financial savvy of a CPA (Deirdre) and the insights of a Certified Online Business Manager and Whole-Person Coach (Carmen). 

Show Highlights:

  • Three phases of the CEO mindset: 
  • The startup phase: In this phase, you are intentional in building the foundation of your business with systems, services, and ideal clients. You must plan, review, test, and optimize.
  • The fix-up phase: If you are making sales, you have entered the fix-up phase in which you’ll leverage your time, experience growing pains, focus on systems to optimize, get serious about data, and plan for a team. 
  • The grow-up phase: In this phase, you learn to “delete or delegate,” focus on high-value activities, scale your business, know your financial metrics, and develop courses/programs. 
  • Work ON your business, not IN your business!
  • Progress through the three phases of the CEO mindset is not always linear!
  • Takeaways from Deirdre: “Stewardship is key. Separate yourself emotionally from your business and understand your role and responsibilities.”
  • Takeaways from Carmen: “Lead with curiosity. The journey of an entrepreneur is not linear.”


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