Welcome to another great episode of the STaR Coach Show! Today’s topic is a core concept of coaching: using inquiry to empower others to step into their talents and strengths. Join us to learn practical tools you can implement today!

Bob Tiede is the co-author of the 3rd edition of Leading With Questions, a book filled with step-by-step guidance on the art of questioning and techniques for use with individuals, teams, and organizations. An author of six books, Bob is the content creator behind Leading With Questions, a blog of over 12 years and followed in over 200 countries, testifying to his creativity, innovation, and consistency in bringing content forward. He has been on staff at Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) for 53 years, working in several roles. Most recently, he marked the 20-year milestone on their US leadership development team. Bob is passionate about helping leaders build their confidence and competence through using coaching techniques with their teams and seeing incredible results. Bob has been married to his wife, Sherry, for 53 years, and they share four adult children and eight incredible grandchildren. 

Show Highlights:

  • Leading With Questions, the book that changed Bob’s leadership style forever
  • A leader is more than a “benevolent dictator.”
  • The beginnings of Bob’s blog and his “addiction to exposure”
  • The pushback from leaders about leading with questions
  • Bob’s 30-second technique to teach anyone to lead with questions
  • Leading with questions maximizes opportunities, workable solutions, and teamwork.
  • Leadership does NOT mean doing it all and having all the answers.
  • The power of might instead of should
  • Bob’s example of incredible success and transformation at Walt Disney World Laundry Services when leaders began leading with questions


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