Today we are diving into the reality of change. It’s an inevitable part of evolving and growing, but we usually struggle to leave our comfortable patterns and routines to step into change. Why are we so naturally resistant? Let’s explore the challenge that comes from doing things differently and embracing change when it’s the right time to do so.

Show Highlights:

  • Much of the coaching process requires us to challenge our belief systems and make positive changes (but we have a natural resistance!) Check out STaR Coach Show Episode 295, Coaching Past Ambivalence.
  • The STaR Coach Show journey has been full of change!
  • Are your services and offerings evolving as you gain more clarity?
  • The crucial precursors to implementing change: know your audience, their needs, pain points, and aspirations to tailor your offering to them
  • The value of the guidance of mentors and coaches
  • Get clear about your business plan, priorities, and values—and work with people who align with those things.
  • My realization: “Just because I’ve always done it THIS way doesn’t mean I have to continue with that.”
  • My new goals with the STaR Coach Show: to produce a quality weekly show, take advantage of more opportunities with YouTube, and change my solo shows to monthly live streams
  • Understand the value of being creative, not perfect, in your growth process; every new step may not be as successful as you want it to be.
  • My tips for embracing change:
    • Create your vision and write down your goals every day.
    • Get clear about what’s holding you back.
    • Embrace change as a catalyst for growth.


Mentioned in this episode:  STaR Coach Show Episode 295, Coaching Past Ambivalence

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