Success is what we all desire in our businesses, and we want that success to be sustainable. What’s the key? Systems! We have to put systems and processes in place to achieve the success–and life–that we want. My guest is a perfect example of someone who has been down the hard road of entrepreneurship and learned the hard lessons, and she’s living her best beach life now while running a successful business. Molly Ruland joins us today to share her insights!

Molly Ruland, CEO and founder of Heartcast Media has been at the helm of her multimedia company for over two decades and is a trailblazer in the podcast production realm. Based in DC but managing her operations from Costa Rica, Molly’s expertise is on display in producing top-ranking podcasts across various genres. Her client roster is impressively diverse, encompassing the Department of Health, the DC government, NATO, dating coaches, and former NBA players, and she consistently delivers high-quality content across the board. Under Molly’s leadership, Heartcast Media has become synonymous with premier-branded podcast production, aiding businesses in boosting revenue and fostering strategic relationships. With a deep understanding of podcasting dynamics, content creation, and guest booking, Molly is a sought-after speaker who brings valuable insights to every engagement. Living next to a volcano in Costa Rica with her three dogs, she embodies the philosophy that “listening is the revolution,” driving her global business forward with passion and innovation. 

Show Highlights:

  • Molly’s definition and vision of a “sustainable business”—and how she got there
  • The key to a sustainable business is systems.
  • Molly’s tips for implementing systems: eliminate redundancy, make it easy to get paid (Molly recommends Acuity), and use automated forms
  • Redundant tasks are costing you money!
  • Tips for sustainable business success:
    • Stop beating yourself up. Be gracious and have self-compassion.
    • Take care of yourself, pay yourself, and be honest with yourself.
    • Don’t believe the lie that you should devalue yourself and your services.
    • Understand that perceived value is EVERYTHING.
  • Molly’s 80/20 rule for business
  • Molly’s path to living her best life in Costa Rica by pinpointing her joy and leaving the rest behind
  • Molly’s biggest takeaway from her journey: “Your greatest success comes after your greatest failure. You CAN redo things. Don’t put off what you want for later because later is not promised at all.”
  • Molly’s parting advice: “Build into your relationships and actively seek new relationships. Relationships make our lives beautiful, vibrant, and colorful. Enrich your relationships because they enrich your life and your bottom line in business.”

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Books recommended by Molly

The 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib

$100M Offers by Alex Hormozi

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