Are you ready to up your game around social media marketing? There are simple tweaks that can elevate your social media presence and help you create content to connect with your audience—and you can do it in one hour or less each week. Join us to learn helpful strategies for flexing your social media muscles with today’s expert!
Karlyn Ankrom is the founder and lead strategist of Oh Snap! Social and the creator of the Fan Firestarter Framework. This approach to social media marketing is made specifically for entrepreneurs “tempted to fake their own death and flee to Tahiti at the mere thought of content creation.” Karlyn developed her user-friendly strategy after working for a decade with a variety of brick-and-mortar businesses that were decidedly “social allergic,” as she calls it; it’s not that they didn’t want to DO social media, but they found the process much too intimidating. Her new system helps social media newbies get on the fast track to “unsticking their social media” in just one hour per week.

Show Highlights:

  • Social media: an overwhelming world of unlimited opportunities (for FREE!)
  • Make the mindset shift so you aren’t missing out!
  • Social media is all about relationships, so share your message of connection and solutions.
  • Be human, be authentic, and be self-aware.
  • Karlyn’s tips for creating social media content:
    • Find your anchor point.
    • Batch your content.
    • Craft your calendar to include themes, content pillars, and relevant “national days.”
    • Give value and next-step resources.
    • Look to go viral, but connect it to your business.
  • Karlyn’s tips on creating videos
  • The importance of calls to action, both internal and external, in your content
  • Karlyn’s tips on getting your content out in one hour or less:
    • Create content to address your audience’s pain points directly.
    • Give a clear call to action.
    • Vary your style in presenting content.
    • Use a notes app on your phone to collect good ideas.


Connect with Karlyn Ankrom and Oh Snap! Social: Website, Website Resources, LinkedIn, and Facebook

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