Dr. Marcia Reynolds is the expert that organizations call on to breathe life into their connections, conversations, and cultures. She has influenced and coached multiple thousands of people around the world, in addition to writing three books and serving on the International Coaching Federation. She continues to research how coaching can help organizations prosper in today’s chaotic and unpredictable world.

Dr. Reynolds is an expert on emotional intelligence who helps coaches engage in conversations that connect with our clients. She helps coaches create new awareness and dig deeper to reach goals. She teaches coaches how to move into discomfort with clients and how to gain additional wisdom and insight. Join us for this amazing conversation!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How Marcia started as an executive coach after a tech career
  • Imparting wisdom through emotional intelligence in coaching
  • Being right, being wrong, and making judgments
  • Marcia’s tip: become aware of blocks and release them
  • Knowing where you’ll be triggered: reflective intelligence
  • Dr. Reynolds’ books: Key resources to understand emotional intelligence:
  • Outsmart Your Brain-a new edition is available next month
  • Wander Woman-the challenges smart, strong women face
  • The Discomfort Zone-coaching conversations that feel stuck and difficult
  • Why trust and vulnerability are OK
  • An example of pushing a client into the “discomfort zone”
  • Losing and finding vision: acknowledge where they are
  • How to remove judgment from emotions
  • The Key: Is this emotion stopping this person from moving forward?
  • Final takeaways: “It doesn’t matter what they think of you; your job is to give and be present 100%.”