Today, we’re talking to Rick Carson, the author of the book Taming Your Gremlin: A Surprisingly Simple Method of Getting Out of Your Own Way. Rick’s work is legendary, his concept of helping people to gain freedom from their self-defeating behaviors and beliefs has evolved for him over the last almost 4 decades when his popular book was first published. Listen in as Rick talks about this concept, which he began to develop in 1974.

Rick first developed the concept while working with runaway teens and their families in the Chicago area. This was where he first realized that every problem, regardless of how it presented itself, came down to a particular kind of duality- between the monster of the mind and one’s heart of hearts. He developed a method and started teaching it and then, eventually, he decided to write it all down. Listen in to find out more about this really powerful concept.

Show Highlights:

  • Rick explains what initially lead to him writing Taming Your Gremlin, which was first published in the early 1980’s.
  • It was really a strong concept for Rick to write about, as he had been using and teaching them for years before writing the book.
  • In A Master Class in Gremlin Timing (the sequel), where all the vignettes are absolutely true, it’s about how to use the concept with other people, whereas Taming Your Gremlin is more about how to use it in your own life.
  • It takes a lot of time to learn to use the concept and it is best done by first living it in your own life, before using it to help others.
  • Rick explains his Gremlin Taming Method. It begins with a process that Rick calls ‘simply noticing‘ and this has nothing to do with figuring anything out. It’s about your awareness in the current moment.
  • You will become aware of tension in your body while ‘simply noticing’- and this will bring you in touch with your observer, or your heart of hearts, which is really the essence of the natural you. This awareness will bring about a natural correction in you.
  • You really free yourself by simply noticing how you’re imprisoning yourself, in the moment. This is about developing response-ability.
  • One of the hardest things for Coaches to get across is that people have to go on their own, deep there is no short cut. It really does have to be self-discovered.
  • This work really cannot be forced. It takes practice.
  • In Rick’s experience, people really do dive in and do the necessary work.
  • Gremlin Timing is about helping people to plug back into that infinite thing that we all have, inside us. Remember- you’re not your body, nor your personality, nor your thoughts.
  • It’s about walking deeper into the pain, to get to the essence behind it.
  • The true love is always there, on the inside! It never leaves you!
  • Our breathing is what connects the infinite power with our bodies.
  • Rick explains the difference between his books.
  • If you’d like to learn more about Rick’s methods, you can use his A Master Class in Gremlin Timing, or you can go to Youtube, and type in ‘Tame Your Gremlin part 1’ (Or part 2, 3, 4 or 5) to get short clips. For your convenience the YouTube links are also on the resource page.

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