Donna Jajonc, MCC returns to today’s episode to discuss applying the concepts around The Power of TED * (*The Empowerment Dynamic), which is a book written by her husband, David Emerald. Donna has spent 15+ years as a professional coach, in addition to her work as a politician, speaker, and author.

Donna teaches coaches how to empower their clients who might be caught in the roles of victim, persecutor, and rescuer. Our conversation covers identifying characteristics of these roles and shifting them through self-awareness, silence, and powerful questions. Join us!

Show Notes:

  • How to stop rescuing and start coaching!

  • What it means to be stuck in the rescuing dynamic

  • The three common strategies: move back and avoid, lean in and control and please and manage

  • How clients indicate they are in the drama triangle

  • What rescuing qualities look like

  • Where is your focus?

  • Using self-awareness in self first to see the dynamics of relationships

  • Steps in identifying the rescuer:

  • See it in yourself

  • Support others in seeing it gently

  • Help identify rescuing patterns

  • Find the origins of the patterns

  • ntroduce the positive roles of creator, challenger, and coach

  • The cost of being pleasing, kind, and nice all the time

  • The challenge for leaders: to develop and challenge your team instead of rescuing them

  • Why the rescuer must learn to ask for help and leave things undone

  • GEFN: What it means and how to use it

  • How The Power of TED* is used in corporations

  • How The Power of TED* came about as a result of David and Donna’s work

  • How the self-observing self (SOS) can accelerate learning


The Power of TED*(*The Empowerment Dynamic) by David Emerald

Email Donna: for her two-page summary chart