This week, we are excited to bring Kristine Conway to the STaR Coaches Podcast. Kristine’s greatest strength is teaching clients how to make choices about the way they respond to events. We all have those moments where we are frazzled, out of focus and out of luck. How do you usually respond? Is it with frustration and hopelessness or with clarity and decisiveness? Kristine is going to teach us a thing or two about life’s choices!

Today’s episode will focus on Kristine’s journey into coaching and how she has taken what she’s learned to build a tool in the form of her new book to help her clients and yours. After that, we will talk about her new Podcast, Behind the Coach’s Door. This episode is filled with tools that you as a coach can use to improve your business, encourage your clients, and tackle whatever challenges that life throws our way. Are you ready to begin?

More from Kristine in this episode:

  • Kristine’s life-changing journey to becoming an executive coach.
  • Pay attention to your coaching certification!
  • Ways to get out of your own way and enhance your focus.
  • Kristine shares the joys of writing a book.
  • Hear why Kristine saw a need to start her new podcast.
  • How Kristine found her ideal client.
  • Utilizing conferences and marketing differently


Kristine’s website:

Be sure to grab your copy of Obligated No More

Behind the Coach’s Door will be available on iTunes in August!