Today’s guest, Michelle “Missy” Gonzales, is the Director of Coaching and Leadership Development in a large Health Care Organization, which has thirty thousand employees. Today, she starts out by explaining what motivated the organization to begin focusing on and investing in the Internal Coaching Program that Missy and her leaders are piloting. Listen in as Missy, who is really passionate about coaching,  talks about her role and responsibilities within this movement.

Missy’s Bio:

Missy Gonzales is a leadership and organization development director with a proven ability to skillfully and quickly develop relationships to influence change and deliver outcomes.

Missy’s passion is in working with clients to utilize their distinctive talents to break through barriers to gain clarity and maximize potential. She works with her clients to identify their areas of potential growth to increase leadership effectiveness, build confidence and reduce roadblocks that create challenges.

Currently serving as the Director of Coaching & Leadership Development, Missy is responsible for developing, executing and sustaining the mentoring and coaching strategies and methodologies as well as designing development paths for high potential leaders.

Missy has 15 years of experience in talent and organization development.  She has been involved in large scale strategic change initiatives including Primary Care Redesign which integrated concepts, tools, and methodologies to build a system-based self-improving structure for caregivers.  Michelle has consulted with executive teams to design their organization structures and achieve their talent and business objectives.

In a previous role, Missy was responsible for delivering global leadership development programs including diversity and inclusion, Strengths and engagement.

Missy holds a BA with honors in Communications from Alverno College, Milwaukee, WI.  She also holds executive coaching certifications from the Institute of Organization Development and the Coach Academy International, as well as is a practitioner of the MBTI, Clifton StrengthsFinder, Korn Ferry Voices 360, Korn Ferry Leadership Architect, and Prosci Change Management.

“My main responsibilities are around creating, executing, implementing, sustaining the coaching and mentoring strategies in the organization.” – Missy Gonzales

Show Notes:

  • The really great support that Missy has had from the senior leaders within her organization.

  • Coaching is integrated into the daily leadership practice, within the organization, so it is now expected from the leaders.

  • Missy explains how she began to put the pieces together for the programs that she’s built.

  • Missy explains how she sets the criteria for who is able to access the coaching resources that she provides.

  • The kind of training that the internal coaches, within the organization, receive.

  • The Internal Certification Program that is being created within the organization, for leaders who have a real passion around coaching.

  • The different levels of training for coaches, that are being developed for the organization, for 2018.

  • Missy talks about the Fundamentals Of Coaching Program that she developed, working with Cassandra Mitchell of Executive Coach Connections.

  • Missy shares a few key tidbits of wisdom around creating success, as coaches within organizations.