The guest for today’s show is Eileen McDonald. Eileen and her business partner, Pilar Angel, are partners at Axeos Performance Institute, in Dallas, where they work with Executives and Business Leaders to help them to become extraordinary every day, by teaching them to understand how their physiology impacts their behavior.

Eileen has a particularly unique approach to coaching using Biofeedback to help people to relate their behavior to their body’s responses.  Her approach is one that all coaches really need to hear about and today she starts out by explaining what brought her into the world of coaching and she also talks a little bit about her business. Listen in to find out more about how Eileen uses Biofeedback devices to help people to create a state of coherence within themselves.

Eileen was a nurse for many years and through her nursing career, she went into a Health and Wellbeing type of coaching position many years before people were officially being referred to as coaches. She worked with several Executives who thought that she could really be of help to their employees and staff, this is how she initially got into working with Executives and Corporations. Listen in now, to find out more about Eileen and her unparalleled approach to coaching

Show highlights:

  • Eileen explains how the Biofeedback devices work, to help people to see what their bodies are actually telling them about their behavior.
  • What led Eileen to her framework of starting off with people’s physiology.
  • How Eileen actually uses the Biofeedback devices in Coaching.
  • Eileen explains what a strip test is and why it’s used.
  • The goal of the Biofeedback testing.
  • How Eileen sets the situation up, where people are open, willing and ready to be attached to a machine.
  • Why Eileen thinks that people are so curious and willing to be assessed with the Biofeedback device.
  • What happens next, after the people have become aware of their bodies response to stress.
  • Looking at where the physical energy is being directed.
  • Where Neuroscience and the brain function comes into the process.
  • What happens when you’re activated from the fear mode of the brain.
  • The phone apps that can help people to identify their physical changes, due to mental triggers.
  • Eileen wants her client’s heads and feet in the same place at the same time, so that their bodies are in a state of coherence, where the brain is working optimally.
  • An example of a client who managed to create a state of coherence, within himself.
  • Some of the Biofeedback techniques that Eileen uses with her clients.
  • Breathing is the connection between the mind and the body.
  • Awareness allows people to make a choice.
  • Eileen’s techniques help people to shift from what they believe to be happening, to what’s actually happening.
  • Once their physiology is balanced, people have the ability to make a decision to either react or to respond to situations.
  • It’s important to just stop and take notice of what’s really going on internally