Today we have Jen Thornton, a Certified Strengths Coach, on the show and we will be exploring some of the specialities that she brings into the field of Coaching. Listen in to find out about Jen, what brought her into the Coaching world and how she leverages different tools to differentiate and maximize the value she offers to her clients.

Jen’s background came from the retail industry. She started out as a Store Manager for a large retailer and then she worked her way through District Manager and then through the commercial side of the business. It was actually in that environment that she started coaching, working with teams of fifty young adults in the store, spending time with them, coaching them and providing them with feedback to encourage them. She then transitioned into HR and did recruiting and learning and development. In her last four years of her retail career, she was working internationally in the corporation.   When she spent some time thinking about where she wanted to go next, where her strengths lay and what she really loved to do, it was very clear to her that Coaching was the way to go. Listen in to find out more about Jen and how she connects with her clients, by using tools that she really believes in.

Show highlights:

  • Jen talks about her focus, as a Certified Clifton Strengths Coach and what created that particular focus for her, in her coaching.
  • When working internationally, Jen was able to use Strengths as the common language, so she explains the impact that this had, on the various cultures.
  • Jen explains how using Strengths can work from a Coaching perspective and also how to leverage different strengths when building teams.
  • How a Coach might help someone to understand where each of their strengths may be best utilized.
  • How being a Certified Clifton Strength Coach impacts Jen’s approach to her clients from both a marketing as well as skill standpoint.
  • The positive impact of utilizing one’s strengths daily, in the workplace.
  • Jen rates her level of satisfaction with using her Certified Strengths training.
  • The many available resources provided for the Strengths Coaches.
  • The many ways that Strengths Training can be leveraged.
  • How Strengths based training can be really well used when going to job interviews.
  • Jen explains what OAD (Organization Analyze and Design) is, how she got to know about it and what it has done for her business.
  • How Jen uses the OAD product to leverage her business.
  • How it would work if an organization wanted to utilize OAD.
  • How OAD would work for different people, within organizations.
  • The various dynamics that Jen brings together, to offer her clients.
  • Ways to appreciate whatever people are bringing to the table, even if you don’t like it.
  • How Jen leveraged her current big client, with OAD.
  • Marketing your practice by staying tuned in to your clients’ needs.
  • You can learn more about the OAD tool at or contact 304 Coaching at