Welcome to this milestone episode of the show, episode number 50 and thank you all for being a part of it!

Our guest for this milestone show is Steve Sosland, who started out in the US Military, as an Army Infantry Officer and is now the Chief People and Performance Officer and also the Founder of The Center For Values Guided Leadership, at the University of North Texas Health Science Centre, in Fort Worth. There, he works on the development and implementation of a Values Culture, which includes the coaching of the faculty and staff team members, leadership at all levels and also succession planning. Today, Steve talks about the development of the Values Culture within his Organization and with incredible authenticity and vulnerability, he shares about building a Coaching Culture in a hospital setting. Listen in, because you’re not going to want to miss this truly moving episode, where you can really learn and grow from Steve’s willingness to share openly about the overcoming of struggles and obstacles.

“Leaders drive values, values drive behaviors and it’s those collective behaviors that define the culture of an Organization.” – Steve Sosland

Show highlights:

  • Steve shares what he does and what his responsibilities are, with his coaching program at the University of North Texas Health Science Center.
  • What the transition to a Positive Values Culture, within an Organization, would include.
  • The role of Coaching, within the development of a Positive Values Culture.
  • Steve gives an overview of his own background and talks about another Organization, to explain how his Organization came to recognize Coaching as the glue that binds everything together.
  • The five different industries that Steve has worked in.
  • What Steve learned from the really great leaders that he was fortunate to work for, while in the army.
  • What makes a Coaching Champion.
  • How Steve got to be working in the Health Care Industry.
  • What it took, to really transform the Organization when Steve started out in the Health Care Industry.
  • How they arrived at the Core Values of the Organization.
  • What it really takes, for leaders to drive values.
  • How Steve went about strengthening and muscling up the coaching, while systematically building it into the development of the  Values Culture.
  • The book True North, by Bill George and what it says about the innate sense of values within everyone.
  • The story of the people that Steve brought together, to help find True North, and how they worked together on the journey to establish a Culture based around these values.
  • The role of Coaching in establishing Core Values.
  • Why Steve believes that Coaching transcends all industries.
  • The fantastic success that occurred within Steve’s Hospital, due to the development of the Values Culture.
  • How Steve came to be working at the University of North Texas Health Science Centre.
  • Two of the challenges Steve has faced and also a mistake he made, working in a new industry and at a new facility.
  • Bill Behrendt’s influence on Steve. (He appears on episode 30 of this show)
  • Who has access to the Coaching, within Steve’s organization.
  • The Health Science Centre’s Leadership Institute and its role in the Organization.
  • Steve’s Organization won the Prism Award- quite an achievement! He attributes this to the fantastic team he works with.
  • Why and how Steve’s Organization is replacing their annual evaluations with Coaching- for everyone!
  • The three indicators that Steve looks for, to show that someone is effectively using Coaching.
  • The creation of a Coaching Pool (Coaching 1.0), within Steve’s Organization.
  • The Mobile Coaching App that Steve and his organization are working on.
  • Working around the potential problem of people feeling that they’re being ‘sentenced to Coaching’.


Book: True North by Bill George