Are you ready to build up your client base and your credibility without spending a dollar? Do you wish you had the confidence you needed to win people over in an instant? Then we have a fabulous show for you today! Our guest is Patricia Fripp, a legend in the speaking industry who is here to share her wisdom with you today. Patricia is regarded as one of the most Electrifying Speakers in North America, and she has spent the majority of her career refining her public speaking skills. Yes! It really is that simple.

Public speaking is a powerful (and cost-effective!) tool that you can use to win clients and establish your credibility as a coach. This week, Patricia will give you practical skills, concrete examples, and innovative ways of thinking to help you begin your public speaking journey. If you are excited about more content, then stay tuned to the end of the episode to see how you can sign up for Patricia’s Webinar that Star Coach will be hosting in the month of October. It’s time to take the initiative to build your business, and Patricia is here to help!

“Outside the privacy of your own home, all speaking is public speaking.”
Show highlights:

  • How coaches can build their coaches and credibility.
  • Public speaking skills that you can use today.
  • Build your speech first, then book a speaking engagement.
  • Redefining how you are getting “paid.”
  • Finding the interesting moments in your life story.
  • Tips that you can use to practice your speeches and build your credibility.
  • A surprising source for Patricia’s speaking techniques.
  • A few great openers you can use in your own talks!
  • What is the true meaning of F.R.I.P.P? You don’t want to miss it.
  • Upcoming Webinars that you don’t want to miss!

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