Would you love to have an online system that could really help you to streamline all the necessary processes for running an efficient Coaching practice? If so, you will really gain a lot from today’s show, because at the ICF Converge Conference in Washington DC in August, Meg met the creators of a software program, called OWL MO, which is a system that provides three primary functions for Coaches. These are an online calendar for clients to access, which also has a message system and automated reminders, a video conferencing service, for client appointments and also an online payment system. There are a number of different Client Systems available, all at different price points, but this product appears to provide a solution to three of the really common infrastructure issues, at a lower price point than some of the others. Listen in to find out more about OWL MO and how it can really help you to streamline your practice.

Today, we have Tom Bessis and Charles Fournier, the creators of OWL MO on the show.

Charles comes from Paris, France and since completing school five years ago, he’s been living in Florida. He started out working in Real Estate, but after becoming friends with Tom, he decided to quit his job and start a business with him. Tom, also from Paris, moved to Florida about three years ago. After a brainstorming session with Charles, they came up with a great idea for a business, and so OWL MO was born.

Listen in now to find out about the nuts and bolts of their system and to see if OWL MO has the solutions that you are looking for.

Show highlights:

  • Tom and Charles give a little background to the development of their product and they explain what OWL MO is all about.
  • Through connecting with the South Florida chapter of the ICF, Tom and Charles became aware of the specific needs within the Coaching community.
  • Charles and Tom explain that they are continually working on improving their system.
  • Charles explains how their pricing and subscription service works.
  • The difference between their Basic Package and their Pro Package.
  • The discounts and special offers that are available for their initial users.
  • The in and outs of how the calendar portion of their system works.
  • How you can customise your packages, to streamline things and make them really simple.
  • How the payment portion of their system works, to make things really secure and easy for you.
  • The kind of assistance that’s available, if you should need it.
  • The direct messaging system, which is available within the software.
  • The really simple way in which the OWL MO system works.
  • If you’re starting out and don’t yet have a website, you can still have a web presence, with OWL MO


To find out more about OWL MO, check out the resources page at www.starcoachshow.com/resources