Would you like to learn how to partner with your clients in a way that will really help them to transform themselves? Did you know that this transformation actually begins with you and your development as a coach? If so, you will really enjoy this show, Vicki Escude joins us and she talks to us about Transformational Change. She shares some very dynamic thoughts with us about Active Listening and Reflection and also about using your Coaching Presence to help your clients to tap into what is really important to them and in this way, assisting them to create transformation within themselves. Listen in as Vicki challenges us to not step in and rescue our clients by attempting to make decisions for them in order to keep them from making ‘mistakes’, because in fact, what we think of as mistakes, could very well be learning opportunities for them.

Vicki, who has a Masters Degree in Psychology and Counseling, is a Master Coach Trainer and a Global Coaching Leader, with more than twenty years of experience in Executive and Life Coaching, Business Ownership, Writing, Management, and Counselling. Vicki has also written a book about the Heart Mindset for Coaching that she has developed, where she brings all her years of experience from working with clients and all her Certified Training to help us to create transformation for ourselves, as Coaches. Listen in today, as Vicki talks about how it all really starts with us and our own development, as coaches, in order for us to really partner well with our clients, and to help them to create the kind of transformational change that will take them to where they really want to be.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Vicki discusses what her Heart Mindset is all about. This has been her main focus for many years.
  • Vicki’s explains the acronym within the word HEART.
  • Vicki discusses the best way to work with a client around their limiting beliefs.
  • Vicki shares her thoughts on whether or not a coach’s degree of presence with their clients actually has more relevance than the background of that Coach.
  • How Coaches can connect with the energy of the client, rather than getting bogged down with their story.
  • How to get out of your clients’ way, to allow them to access their inherent wisdom.
  • Reflecting back to your client, in order to develop a rapport that allows you to really resonate with them.
  • Why you really need to develop a heart connection with your clients.
  • Ways for you, as a Coach, to approach the transformational opportunities for a client.
  • The value in using silence, when Coaching someone.
  • Vicki discusses her other book, Beyond Belief- Transformational Coaching With HEART.