For Coaches, it is so important that we reach out to our audience in a personal way. When potential clients can see our face and hear our voice, they are much more likely to trust our expertise and advice in the future. One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is Online Video. Have you tapped into the amazing resource of Online Video? Do you know how to maximize the efficacy of those videos and reach even more people? Maybe you might be asking yourself, “How do I even start?” Then this episode is for you!

Today I have an expert “Online-Videopreneur” with me to share exactly how Coaches need to cash in on the power of video. Brighton West is a video producer and creator whose business, Authentic West, provides outreach opportunities for coaches, authors, and speakers. He knows exactly what tools and strategies you need to use to really get the most out of YouTube. I was so thankful to hear how simple it is to maximize online video content, and Brighton spares no expense to explain it all in a way that every Coach will understand. Listen to this week’s episode to get started!

Show highlights:

  • Brighton shares how his business helps coaches, authors, and speakers get on “the world’s largest stage.”
  • Let’s look at the relationship between Facebook video v. YouTube
  • Learn the YouTube Magic Formula.
  • How you can utilize YouTube’s analytics to reach your audience.
  • Brighton’s video influencers that you can use as inspiration for your videos.
  • Mistakes to avoid when beginning your YouTube adventure