Today we have Valerie Sokolosky, a very talented executive coach with so many different gifts to offer, as our guest on the show.  This is the second time that she’s appeared on the show and she is back here today to talk about one of her specialties, which is working with Executives around their Image and their Executive Presence. From Valerie’s perspective, Executive Presence really is the whole package of the person, so listen in to find out just how important it really is for Executives and some ways that you, as Coaches can broach the topic with your clients.

Valerie has written eight books on Professional Presence and Leadership, where she passionately shares her vast knowledge on some very relevant topics. She has been recognized nationally as a Fox News Contributor and she’s an expert in her field of Leadership Presence and Personal Branding. She is one of only twenty Master Brand Strategists worldwide and she’s received front page press coverage in the Wall Street Journal as a pioneer in Executive Coaching. She has served on various Executive Boards, including the prestigious Leadership America, Executive Women of Dallas and UBS Financial Services. She also served as Publisher for Women’s Enterprise national news magazine and she was a monthly contributor to Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine for ten years. Listen to find out more about working with people around their Executive Presence.

Show highlights:

  • Valerie explains where to start with a client who may not be presenting as professionally as they could be doing.
  • What Executive Presence means to Valerie.
  • Valerie explains that presence really is the whole package.
  • Questions that you could prepare in advance, to open a conversation around Executive Presence with a client- particularly with those who don’t realize that they have a problem with their image.
  • Some things you could discuss with a client who needs to work out some ‘rough edges’ around the way that they show up.
  • Executive Presence really starts with how you show up, in person, when you’re having a meeting.
  • Educating your client about the importance of image.
  • With the right approach, talking about the image can really be a fun conversation.
  • Starting out with the right foundation.
  • Some useful resources for Coaches wanting to help their clients strengthen the Image aspect of their presence.
  • Valerie explains why you need to keep educating yourselves as coaches.
  • The importance of preparation.
  • How Personal Branding (the internal part) converges with Executive Presence (the external part).