What do you believe about your clients capabilities? How do we help our clients enjoy sustainable excellence?  What does it mean to have personal and professional sovereignty?  This week’s guest, Janet Harvey, MCC answers these questions and more as we explore the transformational power of coaching.

Janet is a former president of ICF Global and an ICF Foundation Past President and is an early adopter for creating a coach-centered workplace.  She shares her story to help us better understand the potential of coaching. Her passion is personal and professional sovereignty and our conversation is rich with information about reaching true potential. Janet’s experiences as a master coach and teacher are filled with the kind of wisdom that comes from watching lives take shape before her eyes. She gives us the very necessary reminder that coaches are meant to be useful and therein lies our greatest power.

Dive in today with an episode you will certainly want to listen to again and again.

More in this episode:

  • Janet shares why she got into coaching in the first place, and her huge first coaching success.
  • The huge potential for change in the workplace by developing our interpersonal relationships and learning development.
  • The subject of sovereignty and its impact on our coaching practice.
  • Coaching interactions can lead to a learning environment.
  • How we can be useful coaches without “fixing” anything.


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