What is the value of having an online presence and how can you engage with the virtual world on a way that creates an impression on your target audience? That is the essence of what Mel De Paoli does and she shares her strategies with us in this episode of STaR Coaches. Mel works with her clients to build brands worthy of going viral by mixing Brand Development with strategy and implementation. Today she will be talking to us about creating your Customer Avatar. Join us to find out how to create an online presence and be there for your ideal client. It is 2017, if you are not online do you really exist?

The work that Mel does moves your brand out of ‘just’ marketing and into the daily functions of your business delivering branding initiatives which really warrant going viral. She also helps in transforming your business through stronger community relations. Mel is powerful and sought after Speaker and she’s the International Author of three books about culture driven brands. She is the Founder and Brand Catalyst of Omicle LLC. Listen in to find out more about getting out of your own head and into the head of your best client in order to build a business that you love.

Show highlights:

  • The method to the madness of going viral.
  • What it actually means, to create your Customer Avatar.
  • How to get clarity on your Customer Avatar.
  • Who the ‘influencers’ are.
  • Some details about Mel’s process.
  • The process of entering your findings on Social Media, to find the people you’re looking for.
  • A tip about building relationships on Social Media.
  • Ways to not be a ‘me too’ brand when commenting on Social Media.
  • Getting crystal clear about who you’re targeting.
  • Getting out of your head and into your next best client’s head.
  • Honing in on your message and on the value that you provide.


Mel’s website: Omicle

You can join Mel’s Facebook Group – Brilliant Branding

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