You are a coach and you want to transform lives with your coaching practice. How are you going to get the message out? What is going to make your content so engaging and dynamic that your audience will be clamoring for more? That is just the tip of the iceberg as far as today’s guest is concerned! You do not want to miss it.

As we approach the end of the year, I wanted to once again let you know how very grateful I am for those of you who have helped this show grow. I believe that as more and more people listen to the incredible wisdom my guests bring to the podcast, the stronger the coaching community becomes. That is exactly the mentality Dr. Sherry Yellin brings to her coaching and leadership training. I am so excited to have her on the show today to share just what makes her style of coaching innovative and engaging.

Dr. Sherry Yellin is the owner of The Learning Connection, Inc. and the CEO of TRL Resources, Inc. For over 20 years, Sherry has worked with leaders in a variety of industries to develop and innovate their businesses from the top-down. She uses brain-based learning techniques to engage her audiences and create dynamic learning experiences. Sherry fully believes that each coach has the power to bring about true transformation with their clients and today she wants to give you a deeper insight into her 7 Step Process. Take a leaf out of Sherry’s book and put on your thinking cap. Do you want to head into the new year with new ideas for your coaching practice? Start here!

More on this show:

  • Sherry explains her passion for teaching coaches engage an audience with transformational learning to match the message.
  • What we as coaches need to understand about brain-based learning.
  • 7 Simple Principles for Brain-Based Learning: C.R.A.N.I.U.M.
  • Easy ways to build trust and rapport.
  • Sherry shows us how she implements her principles in her own workshops.
  • The ebb and flow of an engaging seminar.
  • How to shift your content from telling to engaging.
  • You represent the entire coaching industry. Don’t be boring!
  • How Design Days can get you started on developing your program.
  • Sherry’s upcoming Design Retreat!

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