As a coach, we have the capacity and the skillset to effect change at any level. When we coach leaders in any capacity, those positive changes trickle down to their organization or company, and revolutionize their success. Executive coaching programs utilize company infrastructure to create a company culture that emphasizes company values and personal fulfillment. Who are the leaders in your life? How can a coach support their company or organization by helping them get clear on values?

These are the kinds of questions Kristin Robertson seeks to answer. Kristin is a company culture consultant, executive coach, public speaker and group facilitator who helps companies create positive company cultures.  Results of her work include reduced operational costs, high performing employees, productive teams and articulate their strategic goals. She is a skilled group facilitator who leads executive offsite meetings using group exercises that increase teamwork, self-awareness and leadership effectiveness. With clients like AT&T, Southwest Airlines, and Hewlett-Packard, you can be sure that Kirstin’s techniques and expertise are incredibly effective.

Today, Kristin is going to share all about Creating a Company Culture Ecosystem, her new book, and why it came to be. Her coaching strategies have had powerful effects on company culture, and I’ve got to say it is truly fascinating how all of these coaching practices work together. Whether or not you are an executive coach, these principles will carry over to any kind of coaching. Kristin has so much knowledge to share, so go ahead and give this episode a listen!

More to learn in this episode:

  • What motivated Kristin to write her new book.
  • Employee engagement within company culture is essential to a company’s success.
  • How to find personal and company-wide values using targeted strategies.
  • Questions to ask a client when finding personal values.
  • How to decide when to terminate an employee.
  • All about the concept of cultural ecosystem.
  • Learn to love the word “ritual.”
  • What happens when you can grow a vibrant business.
  • How to develop emotional intelligence.
  • Learn how to master small talk.
  • Tune into trigger scenarios.

Your Company Culture Ecosystem: Growing As A Vibrant Business

Kristin’s company: Brio Leadership

Linked IN: Kristin Robertson Brio Leadership