As coaches, we have the ability to help bring our clients to an awareness of emotional intelligence. It is not enough to just make a grade or exhibit a skill. Now more than ever, employers and organizations are looking for someone with a high Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence Assessments are an excellent way to begin the journey with your client. But where to start? You could easily type “Emotional Intelligence Assessment” into Google and take a free test. You and I both know that you typically get what you pay for and you want an assessment that is backed and validated by scholarly institutions.

With so many options floating around out there, it’s a good thing we have someone like Ed Hennessy. Ed is a Master Training Partner in Emotional Intelligence EQ-i2.0 & EQ360 and the Pearman Personality Integrator with Multi-Health Systems (MHS) a global provider of leading psychological assessments for over 30 years.  Ed and the team at Leadership Call, LLC work with individuals and organizations through a blended approach which can include EQ-I 2.0 Certification, workshops, assessment, leadership development, coaching, presentations, public speaking, and other EI related services.

Ed wants to develop leaders, coaches and thought leaders through certification, continuing education, and public speaking. His specialty is Emotional Intelligence and he shares a wealth of knowledge with us in this episode about 3 of the most credible and acknowledged EI Assessments on the market.  I know that assessments are an investment of time, energy, and resources and sometimes it is hard to know how assessments compare.  Ed offers up so many wonderful suggestions and starting points for any coach who wants to get certified and start assessing.  This is valuable information for anyone who would like to understand more about EI Assessments.

More in this episode:

  • All about Leadership Call, and why a husband and wife duo is incredibly beneficial.
  • Ed and his wife are enabling coaches to get EI certifications and assessments.
  • What does VUCA stand for, and how does it affect your job?
  • The key concepts that people need in order to be successful today.
  • Ed’s experiences of working with companies on EI
  • How a coach should evaluate an Emotional Intelligence Assessment.
  • What kinds of questions should you be asking?
  • The science behind EI assessments.
  • The challenges of using a 360 assessment.
  • What to expect when you get certified for EQi 2.0