Donnie Boivin is a first-generation entrepreneur, success coach, and keynote speaker with over 18 years’ experience in motivating and inspiring thousands of people to get out of their own way and succeed in life and business. He’s known as the go-to coach for helping people achieve higher levels of success by discovering their passions and then teaching them how to “go for it.”

In this final episode of 2017, we are finishing the year with a focus on marketing, which many coaches find challenging. We can learn from sales professionals like Donnie about turning the challenge of marketing into part of our comfort zone. Donnie draws from his military background in teaching people how to connect with their market. Today’s conversation covers consistency, facing fears, networking, and other strategies that you can employ today!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Donnie’s “Jarhead Gentle Nature” in using directness to help people “go for it”
  • Creating flow in sales and marketing, with CONSISTENCY being the key
  • How Donnie puts his message “out there” EVERY DAY with his consistency routine
  • “Going BIG and LOUD” in creating a brand and cultivating fans
  • Facing fears and looking for “the good stuff”
  • Why coaches usually overthink how to get their message across
  • Creating clear focus around who you are
  • Why you need to “clean out your pipeline”
  • Donnie’s best tip: Be authentic
  • Where to find your ideal client
  • How to follow your passions and find your tribe

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