Today on the podcast, I am so excited to be sharing a brand new perspective with you all today. Let’s take a deep dive into the impact of technology on the coaching business. It’s 2018, and the world is transforming fast! You need to be informed about how the pace of technological development and the pace of our client’s expectations are accelerating. Do you understand The Cloud? Have you thought about how Big Data is going to start shifting things for us as coaches? Above all else, coaches can create more value for our clients by accessing some of this information available to us with the advent of big data.

This is a big topic, so I have brought with me today an expert on the subject of data and coaching. My guest is Ed Rankin, and he’s bringing to you today an optimistic and thorough perspective on the use of technology in coaching. Ed is an expert executive coach who has worked with scores of senior and mid-level executives and successful entrepreneurs. Ed is a widely-recognized expert in organizational systems and effectiveness. His work has been cited in numerous professional journals and business publications. Ed holds a BS degree in Psychology, an MS degree in Labor and Industrial Relations, and an MA and Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems. If those credentials don’t convince you Ed knows a thing or two about making technology a tool that works for you, then this interview will!

“Data can put predictability and reliability into many of our services.”
Ed has made it his mission to stay current on shifts in opinion and availability of data. Today, Ed is going to share how his coaching experiences have challenged him to begin utilizing data in his practice. You will learn the incredible benefits of utilizing technology to inform your coaching practice. Technology gives us the ability to coach in real-time, gain confidence in our assessments, and deepen the impact our tools are making to anyone at any time.

It’s an information-packed episode! So let’s get started.

Show Highlights:

  • We are living in an age of change and technology. Here’s the impact it is making on your client’s personal information.
  • Ed shares why technology has always been an important facet of his career.
  • Why The Cloud and Big Data are challenging but empowering at the same time.
  • Digitizing information gives us more power over that information.
  • We can gain confidence over our assessments because we have such a large body of data.
  • Users are becoming more sophisticated, and we as coaches need to evolve along with them.
  • Ed’s device for becoming a well-informed coach.
  • Technology fills in some of the gaps between the coaching sessions.
  • The work of a coach becomes more specific and important with the introduction of technology, rather than more distant.
  • Real-time coaching can happen because of the speed of communication.
  • Ed’s top ways to increase our knowledge of technology.