What is the secret to a genuine connection? I don’t think its similarity, but curiosity.

I believe to the core of my being that we are all connected-that every living being is a part of a force greater than ourselves. Society has a responsibility to each other to honor that connectedness and as coaches we can use the skills that we have developed in coaching to role model curiosity and an interest in others. Today, I wanted to do a solo show to explore the idea of connectedness and the power of curiosity.

Coaches transform lives, and in the process, our own lives are transformed.  The way we interact with others has a profound affect on what we know and believe about ourselves. In fact, the very skills that you hone as a coach are the skills that will deepen your sense of connectedness. You can use your listening skills and, ultimately, your curiosity, to forge connections between all kinds of people. An open and curious mind can bond with anyone, even the ones who, on the surface, might seem completely unconnected.

I am excited to dive in with you today as we think about coaching, connectedness, and curiosity.

More in this episode:

  • Learn which thinking patterns inhibit curiosity.
  • How I infuse curiosity into my own teaching.
  • Discover the cognitive distortions that might be interfering in your own life.
  • Ask questions and determine how someone might be thinking differently.
  • Be wary of jumping to conclusions.
  • Our emotions often get in the way of understanding.
  • What I learned from other thought leaders on humanization.
  • How can we make a difference in a world that tends to de-humanize and de-value those who are different?
  • Be curious and never assume.
  • Sources where you can learn more about someone’s opposing view or perspective.
  • Humankind is humankind! It doesn’t matter where we are from.
  • Watch for information about how you can get involved in an upcoming interview!


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