This week on the Star Coach Show, I am excited to bring you another business building strategy! We’ve talked at length about ways to build up your coaching business and today I want to shift our focus to an interesting aspect of business we may not fully leverage. We have unique backgrounds and areas of expertise to that add value to others.  How can you leverage your expertise in training programs to help others meet their continuing education requirements?   After all, coaches have to fulfill our continuing education credits every three years. How can we begin to look at this continuing education needs as an avenue for growing our business?

With me today is my expert guest, Lisa Patrick. Lisa is going to show us how we can monetize our expertise as coaches. I cannot think of anyone more up to this task than Lisa. She has been working with some of the most recognized thought-leaders in the world. She has her own unique skill to see opportunities that others miss. It is for this very reason that Lisa is able to offer more creative solutions that combine her experiences, intimate sector knowledge, and clear insights to create value in your coaching business. Lisa is optimistic, entrepreneurial, and future-focused, exactly the kind of person we want to work with!

Are you ready to start monetizing your unique experiences? Lisa is going to get us started with expert strategies and tools for you to use right away.

More in this episode:

  • Lisa describes how she helps coaches position their expertise to clients who need to learn from you.
  • Coaches can provide real value through training.
  • First, you need to identify your audience and your market.
  • Know your followers.
  • Learn how to navigate your following.
  • Each industry has core competencies that they need, and coaches can help with those.
  • How you need to be delivering content.
  • How Lisa’s platform is unique for continuing education.
  • Learn to use Lisa’s free download to learn how to monetize your expertise.
  • The most important things to do is to start with the people who know, like, and trust you first.

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