If you are feeling overwhelmed and out of focus in your coaching business then it might be time for you to organize for success! I am sitting down with Angela Andrews today, and she is going to help you transform any area of your life with simple, easy-to-use tools and resources that will bring a little peace back into your life. Angela is on a mission to help you get your life back as an Evernote Certified Consultant, WordPress Website Creator, and Organize Your Life Expert.

Organization has to happen both inside and out. Every system Angela uses is designed with internal and external organization in mind. If you want to increase productivity and pave your path to success, then start with Angela’s three-step system:

  • Declutter
  • Organize
  • Focus

It really is that easy. I fully believe that coaches have a lot to learn from Angela and her systems. Your business really can be successful with just a few small tweaks and changes to your organization. Make sure to listen all the way to the end for Angela’s amazing gift for my listeners!

More in this episode:

  • What attracted Angela to the business of helping others declutter.
  • You don’t want to have to spend hours organizing your life.
  • Get all the details about Angela’s process.
  • Focus instead of multitasking.
  • Taking a deep dive into the tools that Angela uses.
  • All the powerful aspects of Evernote and how it is particularly useful for coaches.
  • You can use Evernote for your finances too!
  • Templates are your friend.
  • How we can best manage our time and our calendars.
  • Chrome has a Zoom plugin!
  • Think about the calendar you want to invest in!
  • Learn all about Trello and other task managers.
  • Utilize the Power of 3.
  • Discover the OYL hybrid method.
  • Get access to the Coaching Toolkit!

Angela Andrews

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