So many people are living their lives in a blur, losing their passion and zeal for life. The beautiful thing about a coaching relationship is that we are in the perfect position to encourage and inspire people to follow their dreams. That is exactly the position DJ Mitsch has taken in her book, Zombies to Zealots: Reawaken the Human Spirit at Work. DJ is one of the earliest advocates for the coaching industry.

DJ has an impressive resume. She founded the world’s first corporate coaching firm, Pyramid Resource Group in 1994. She was then one of the first 25 Master Certified business coaches in the US and the 6th ICF President. A true believer in leadership development, DJ has spent her time fine-tuning ways to empower executive coaches. As a result, her work has changed thousands of lives. This year alone, DJ and her team have trained 1,000 coaches! It is no small feat, and DJ considers Zombies and Zealots to be one of her greatest accomplishments.

Today, you’ll get to hear all about DJ’s heart for her book. DJ is on a mission to bring people back to life. She wants to replace resigned drudgery with enthusiasm. Coaches are the key. Her unique trainings and seminars are designed to be replicated. She wants to make sure the work can continue long after she is gone. How is DJ capable of making such an impact? She’s going to share that and so much more with us today on the show.

More in this episode:

  • DJ explains how Zombies to Zealots was born!
  • We need to be challenged about what we assume we can and cannot do.
  • Discover all about the Team Coaching Initiative
  • DJ’s goal to reach more coaches and impact organizations.
  • How to fight back against the zombification of our workforce.
  • The spiritual aspect of DJ’s methods.
  • Ask the questions that get us to understand our energetic preferences.
  • Why coaching is just so powerful!
  • Take struggle out of the vocabulary.

Zombies to Zealots

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