We often discuss the importance of focusing in strengths for our clients, but how often do we turn the lens back on ourselves? Coaches, you can use your own unique strengths to grow your business and strengthen your client base. The same skills that help your clients zero-in on their strengths and talents can also help you sell your services!

After 27,000 coaching sessions, I think my guest today is in a perfect position to teach us about selling our strengths. Brent O’Bannon is a seasoned success coach and the 1st Gallup Certified Strengths Coach in the world. He is ICF Professional Certified coach as well as an ICF  Mentor Coach. His years of experience have led him to teach workshops and training seminars across the globe, teaching principles of psychology and leadership skills in a truly invigorating way. Corporations have trusted Brent to bring purposeful, transformational coaching that emphasizes strengths and true leadership.

Brent is going to tell us how to use our strengths to sell. I’m going to be a bit of a case study for you today as Brent puts himself in the place of my personal business coach. Using my strengths and talents, Brent is going to show me how to improve my coaching business. I know this episode is going to be incredibly informative for everyone hoping to improve their sales and increase their impact as a coach.

More in this episode:

  • What inspired Brent to use strengths-based training to improve sales.
  • We may love coaching, but we can’t be effective if we don’t have clients.
  • Learn the formal and informal ways to discover your strengths.
  • Brent helps me use my strengths to reach my audience.
  • I share a story about one of my most significant referrals.
  • Find a marketing system based off of your strengths.Understand a talent potential.
  • Brent’s 3 Step System
  • Coaches need coaches.
  • Brent shares his own marketing strategies.

Brent O’Bannon

Selling Strengths

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