Welcome back to another informative and inspiring installment of the Star Coach Show. When it comes to building your coaching practice, you need to have systems and structures in place that help your clients grow. That is why I wanted to take a closer look at some of the metrics we can use within coaching, as well as some of the trends we can see happening in our industry. These metrics help us take coaching from something that is sometimes elusive for our clients into solid ground. We can and should be actively measuring the change that is happening to our clients. The person who is going to help us understand coaching metrics today is Sal Silvester. He’s the founder of 512 Solutions Consulting Group as well as the founder of Coachmetrix.

Sal uses grounded, real-world practices and techniques to show clients how much progress they are making. The technology and systems in place through Coachmetrix will optimize and measure leadership development and coaching ROI. These structured programs will meet individual needs, and I know we could all use a little more structure! Today, Sal is going to show us exactly why coaching metrics are so powerful, and how you can begin to use some in your own business right away. There’s a lot to learn from Sal today, so let’s get started!

More in this episode:

  • How Sal’s early experiences in the military have informed his career.
  • Companies thrive because of people dynamics.
  • What 512 Solutions brings to the table as far as leadership development is concerned.
  • Why you need the proper technology to lay the foundation for your coaching business.
  • There are serious gaps in measuring behavior change.
  • We can look at metrics from the perspective of the coach and the coach-ee.
  • You need an action plan in place.
  • Sal and his company can help you streamline your business.
  • What kind of coaching fits best with cloud-based technology like Coachmetrix.
  • Coaches have to think about how to differentiate their businesses.
  • We say it so often: coaches need coaches.

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Books by Sal Silvester

Stakeholder Centered Coaching: Maximizing  Your Impact as a Coach

Unite!: The 4 Mindset Shifts for Senior Leaders

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