Meg Mann is Master Certified Coach who is passionate about coaching and living a purposeful life. Meg has been in the coaching business for a while. She received her formal coach training in 2004 and has been an MCC since 2008. Meg has been involved in ICF Global events and committees and 4 different ACTP training programs. Since Meg is such an incredible resource, I’ve asked her back on the show to talk to us today about Energy Matters for Coaches

After a 15-year career as an attorney, Meg moved to Eastern Europe with her husband where they started a company for leadership development and executive coaching. Clarity Professional Development is based in Portugal, but to date, they have worked in 25 different countries with professionals of over 70 nationalities. Meg’s extensive work globally has given her a unique perspective that we wanted to bring to the Star Coach Listeners today.

In a unique twist for our usual format, I brought Meg before a panel of listeners for a bit of a Q&A. What resulted was a conversation so rich in wisdom that you might want to go listen to it again and again. I certainly have! Energy is such an important topic for coaches to consider, but luckily Meg has many fabulous resources for you today!

More in this episode:

  • Meg starts us off by laying the foundation for energy matters.
  • Clients are often interested in learning about energy.
  • Beware of making assumptions about energy!
  • Suggestions for coaches who are worried about broaching difficult subjects.
  • Meg answers Diane’s Question about the power of the self and our motivations.
  • Susan brings up a great question about addressing “angry” clients and putting labels on emotions.
  • How can energy be useful to help a client feel accomplished?
  • What can a coach do with a client’s low energy?
  • There is so much involved in creating a safe space.
  • Practical tips for increasing your client’s energy.
  • A simple question: “Is this going to get you to where you want to go?”
  • How to prepare for a coaching session.

Episode 73: Energy Matters for Coaches:

The Answer to How is Yes